Himedia 微生物学培养基Microbiology

Himedia 微生物学培养基Microbiology
HiMedia has developed their own technology and stands among the world’s handful of companies possessing the high-tech knowhow for manufacturing microbiological culture media. HiMedia offers a very broad range of media formulations; standard media and customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields; clinical, food, environment, cosmetic, dairy, water, pharmaceutical industries etc. This also includes media specified by various pharmacopoeias recommended for different applications as sterility testing, microbial limit tests etc.

Antimicrobial Susceptibility

Dodeca Discs
Ezy MIC™ Strips
Hexa Discs
HiComb™ MIC Test
Icosa Discs
Octo Discs
Sensitivty Discs

Culture Media Bases
Animal Origin
Plant Origin

Dehydrated Culture Media
Biochemical Identification Media
Molecular Biology Growth Media
Phytopathology Media

Differentiation Aids
Differential Discs
Readymade Stains & Indicators

Media Supplements
Antibiotics Mixtures
Chromogenic Supplements
Coagulase Plasma
Diagnostic Purpose
Egg Yolk Supplements
Enrichment Supplements
Enzymatic Activity Detection

Ready prepared Media
Air Sampling Media Strips
Biochemical Identification Kit
Blood Samples Media
Confirmatory Kit
DriFilter™ Membrane Nutrient Pad Media
HiDip™ Slides
HiSafe™ Blood Culturing System